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Serie A Italian League has received the blessing to roll back

Serie A Italian League has received the blessing to roll back. After being absent for three months, it is planned that the competition in the State of Pizza will be held on 20 June.

Serie A is rolling again, this is the match schedule


Serie A Italian League has received the blessing to roll back. After being absent for three months, it is planned that the competition in the State of Pizza will be held on 20 June.

Italian Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora has given the green light to the Italian League authorities to re-play the competition. ‘Italy is getting better and the right step is to play football again. The bright point is that we can declare Serie A is allowed to play again on June 20,’ as quoted by Football Italia, Friday (05/29/2020).

Spadafora’s statement was made after a virtual meeting with the FIGC (Italian soccer federation), player associations, and competition operators. On that occasion, Spadafora said the Italian government had agreed to the health guidelines proposed by the FIGC along with a backup plan if the league had to be stopped again.

For the Coppa Italia, according to Spadafora, it looks like it will be played earlier or a week before Serie A. Before the Serie A competition is suspended, Juventus leads the standings with a collection of 63 points from 26 matches, one point ahead of Lazio (62), and on the verge of the nine scudetto title streak season.

And here is a complete list of Serie A matches that will still be played, including four matches that were postponed.

Matchday 25

Inter vs Sampdoria
Hellas Verona vs Cagliari
Torino vs Parma
Atalanta vs. Sassuolo

Matchday 27

Atalanta vs Lazio
Bologna vs. Juventus
Fiorentina vs. Brescia
Genoa vs. Parma
Hellas Verona v Napoli
Inter v Sassuolo
Lecce v Milan
Roma vs Sampdoria
SPAL vs Cagliari
Torino vs Udinese

Match day 28

Brescia vs Genoa
Cagliari vs Torino
Juventus vs Lecce
Lazio vs Fiorentina
Milan vs Roma
Napoli vs SPAL
Parma vs Inter
Sampdoria vs Bologna
Sassuolo vs Hellas Verona
Udinese vs Atalanta

Match day 29

Atalanta vs Napoli
Bologna vs Cagliari
Fiorentina v Sassuolo
Genoa v Juventus
Hellas Verona v Parma
Inter v Brescia
Lecce v Sampdoria
Roma v Udinese
SPAL v Milan
Torino v Lazio

Match day 30

Brescia v v Hellas Verona
Cagliari v Atalanta
Inter vs Bologna
Juventus vs Torino
Lazio vs Milan
Napoli vs. Roma
Parma vs. Fiorentina
Sampdoria vs SPAL
Sassuolo vs. Lecce
Udinese vs. Genoa

Match day 31

Atalanta vs Sampdoria
Bologna vs Sassuolo
Fiorentina vs Cagliari
Genoa vs. Napoli
Hellas Verona vs. Inter
Lecce vs Lazio
Milan vs Juventus
Rome vs Juventus Parma
SPAL v Udinese
Torino v Brescia

Match day 32

Brescia v Roma
Cagliari v Lecce
Fiorentina v Hellas Verona
Genoa v SPAL
Inter v Torino
Juventus v Atalanta
Lazio v Sassuolo
Napoli v Milan
Parma v Bologna
Udinese vs Sampdoria

Match day 33

Atalanta vs Brescia
Bologna vs Napoli
Lecce vs Fiorentina
Milan vs Parma
Roma vs Hellas Verona
Sampdoria vs Cagliari
Sassuolo vs. Juventus
SPAL vs Inter
Torino vs Genoa
Udinese vs Lazio

Match day 34

Brescia vs SPAL
Cagliari vs Sassuolo
Fiorentina vs Torli
Genoa vs Lecce
Hellas Verona v Atalanta
Juventus v Lazio
Milan v Bologna
Napoli v Udinese
Parma v Sampdoria
Roma v Inter

Match day 35

Atalanta v Bologna
Inter v Fiorentina
Lazio v Cagliari
Lecce v Brescia
Parma v Napoli
Sampdoria v Genoa
Sassuolo v Milan
SPAL v Roma
Torino v Hellas Verona
Udinese v Juventus

Match day 36

Bologna v Lecce
Brescia v Parma
Cagliari v Udinese
Genoa v Inter
Hellas Verona v Lazio Lazio
v Juventus v Sampdoria
v Milan vs Atalanta
Napoli v Sassuolo
Roma v Fiorentina
SPAL v Torino

Match day 37

Cagliari v Juventus
Fiorentina v Bologna
Hellas Verona v SPAL
Inter v Napoli
Lazio v Brescia
Parma v Atalanta
Sampdoria v Milan
Sassuolo v Genoa
Torino v Roma
Udinese v Lecce

Match day 38

Atalanta vs Inter
Bologna vs. Torino
Brescia vs. Sampdoria
Genoa vs. Hellas Verona
Juventus vs Roma
Lecce vs. Parma
Milan vs Cagliari
Napoli vs Lazio
Sassuolo vs. Udinese
SPAL vs. Fiorentina

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